Double Contour Nova Blush & Highlighter Nacré

Double Contour Nova Blush & Highlighter Nacré


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Double Contour Nova Blush & Highlighter Nacré from mi-rê

Dual Contour Nova, with its double compartment, combines two products in one: two textures, two functions and an applicator, in a single compact object that fits in the hand. In two minutes, the face is refined, sculpted, its oval shape perfect.
The product comes in a small packaging that gathers the contouring and strobing kit for a make-up in no time at all. As big as a pocket handkerchief, the case has two compartments to deliver both textures. Its nomadic side makes it practical to carry and easy to use.

The Blush will give you a beautiful and fresh look with a Rose-Apricot shade that suits everyone.
With the powder puff that loads itself with powder, the blush will harmonize all the makeup.

The Highlighter Nacré is a soft compact powder illuminator with a unique texture to be applied with the finger to sublimate the areas that catch the light (the forehead, the underside of the eyebrow arch and the bridge of the nose). This shade will complete the beauty setting with a light that will glitter delicately all day long.

The faults are attenuated, the assets are highlighted, the whole face is illuminated with a new radiance. Used by make-up artists, with the help of numerous products, they are to be handled with expertise.

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The powders are coated with precious natural essential oils with protective properties that prolong the hold of the make-up.

– Lotus flower: moisturizes, soothes and fights against free radicals.
– Rosehip oil: reduces spots, sunburn and soothes irritated skin.
– Macadamia nut oil: protects and regenerates
– Grape seed oil: nourishes and fights against skin ageing.

The skin is sublimated and protected, ready for a perfect complexion.