Astro-Style Capricorn

There’s a style for every sign of the zodiac… Each month you can discover a selection of pieces corresponding to your star sign.

Born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorns, considered as the most cerebral sign, want to be organized, assertive and thoughtful. And it shows in her dressingroom, where black is her favorite color.

The secret of their style? Leave nothing to chance ...

Cold and distant, is a Snow Queen sleeping in every Capricorn woman ?Nothing is less certain, when one knows their extreme modesty ...

Capricorn demonstrate an unusual patience. That is why they like to have in their room a wardrobe as endurance as they are.

Ultra thoughtful, she excels in the art of anticipation. For every situation, Capricorn impresses by displaying the essential accessory

Her perseverance reflects a deep professional ambition. Her goal ? Give herrself the means to enjoy life without limits.

Very demanding, it is not uncommon to meet a single Capricorn. She knows how to use her determination and charms to find THE rare pearl.

Once in a relationship, Capricorn metamorphoses. She gently opens herself to reveal a tenderness without limit.

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