Astro-Style LIBRA

There’s a style for every sign of the zodiac… Each month you can discover a selection of pieces corresponding to your star sign. Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libras are tight walkers of the haute couture, in constant search for a perfect equilibrium. They belong to the Air signs with pastels being their favorite fetish.

Balances belong to the Air signs, associated with wit and intellect.

With Venus as one’s lucky star, a Libra is endowed with a devilish charm.

The sign is doubled, just like Gemini, giving Libra the power of beautiful contradictions.

Sociable and often courteous, connecting with such a woman can be done with the greatest of ease.

Careful, a Libra can also come off as fickle. She may sometimes turn out to be a handful.

Conscious of her unstable moments, a Libra is in constant search of perpetual equilibrium. A daily quest for harmony, on the inside and out.

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