There’s a style for every sign of the zodiac… Each month you can discover a selection of pieces corresponding to your star sign. Born between Octobor 23rd and Novembre 21st, Scorpios are bursting with life. With black and red for fetish colors, they lead their lives with passion. As for style, they are resolutely bold.

Ultra-sensual, Scorpio’s woman knows how to use her charms to achieve her goals. Warning: weapon of mass seduction.

Sometimes subject to fleeting madness, she sometimes makes surprising choices… but always assumed.


In her everyday life, a single slogan : having fun.

Her taste for the extreme and her contradictions make her difficult to pin down. Scorpio’s sign can move from sweetness to inflamed passion in a blink of an eye.

For her loved ones or for herself, she can move heaven and earth. Nothing can stop her from achieving her goals. She goes.

The Scorpio is none the less sensitive. In love as in shopping, it tends towards the unique and the durable.

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