Astro-Style Sagittarius

There’s a style for every sign of the zodiac… Each month you can discover a selection of pieces corresponding to your star sign.

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius women are the happiest sign of the zodiac. Their overflowing energy and exacerbated optimism are reflected in their colorful wardrobe, tinged with blue, orange and mauve.

As a sign of light, her vitality is limitless. She could not stay home all weekend: Sagittarius needs fresh air.

Her only fear? Routine. Sagittarius has no place for boredom in its daily life. No more than in her dressing room.


Freedom is undoubtedly her most precious asset. That's why the Sagittarius woman always keeps with her a travel bag ready for new adventures ...

Her friends are lucky: Sagittarius is generous and has a taste for beautiful things ... That's why she never counts when it comes to pleasing her family.

Very sociable, they excel in the art of conversation. With a very strong sense of humor and sharing, they are the ideal partners for a party with friends

Sagittarius is a fervent epicurean. Taking care of her and having fun are talents she mastered to perfection and style.

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